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Two hearts tied together by hope and tragedy.

My childhood and innocence were stolen when I was kidnapped at five years old and held captive for eleven years. Now, at eighteen years old, I don't know what love, happiness, or hope feels like anymore. I'm numb and lost, clinging to a childhood fairytale of a happily ever after with the prince I hoped would someday save me.

I had no idea my prince would come in the form of a scarred recluse, covered in tattoo's, who won't--or can't--speak a word.

The moment our eyes met I knew he was the one. My prince. The one I knew would save me.

He's possibly as lost in society as I am, scarred just as much on the inside as the outside. Just like me. Haunted by his tragic past, he's sentenced himself to a lifetime of loneliness.

He saved my life that day he found me in the woods, and although he doesn't speak or smile, I can't stop thinking about him. I ache to hear his voice and see him smile. And I want nothing more than to be the one to break through his walls.

Together, we found love, happiness, and a closeness that once felt impossible to have. But can I save him from himself, and the twisted past that ties us together?

** Tied can be read as a single book - standalone.

“I dare you not to fall in love with Tyler Grace! Carian Cole is a master storyteller. She never fails to bring her characters to life, and Tyler and Holly’s story is no exception. Beautifully poetic, Tied is a journey of two damaged souls who find love and healing in each other.”
— USA Today Bestselling Author, Gemma James
“Carian Cole has once again spun a tale so heart-wrenchingly beautiful that I’m pretty sure I’m going to need a few days to recover from this one. When I finished Tied, I almost wanted to cry simply because it was over.”
— Review from romance reader
“Wow! This was such an unconventional, beautiful fairy tale. Monsters are real, and if you truly believe, Fairy Tales do come true. I loved Ty. He is so withdrawn and gruff, but only with Holly, does he show his soft, tender side. He is so gentle with her, so sweet. This was an exceptionally well-written story. Yes, it deals with horrific events in both of the characters lives, but they are handled and written with care and compassion. Such a beautiful story. Plan plenty of time to read this book. Because once you start you won’t want to stop. Settle in, grab your tissues and fall in love with Ty and Holly.”
— Dotti Elrick, romance reader